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If you are employed as a personal trainer at a gym you are most likely covered under their insurance policy and do not need to purchase Personal Trainer insurance for yourself.  However be sure to check with management to confirm how much you are covered before beginning with a client. If you independently train outside of the gym it is wise to purchase liability insurance to protect yourself in case of a lawsuit. Even if you think you are the best trainer in the world with the nicest clients ever to exist, things happen and you need to be prepared. When you purchase personal trainer insurance you are essentially purchasing peace of mind.


Personal Trainer Insurance specializes in Professional Liability and Errors & Omissions Insurance for Personal Trainers, Instructors, leaders, coaches, therapy practitioners, Complimentary Health professionals, Health Care professionals and Fitness professionals.


They have over 30 years experience insuring professionals for Malpractice Insurance and offer quality affordable solutions at affordable prices from two of the most financially stable insurers in Canada.

Personal Trainer Insurance will have 2 programs available for Person Trainers and Fitness instructors with 2 different applications.

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