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July 17th-18th, 2020
APCC coaches/teachers EDITION



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RUSSian kettlebell certification

There are a number of certifications out there in the fitness world but none quite like ours.  With decades of collective knowledge of strength training, rehabilitation, performance training and fat loss, we have finally completed our journey so that we can teach you how we use kettlebells  - AP style.


The foundation for our program will take you through learning for to properly execute and teach – the swing, squat, clean, Turkish Get Up.  We will show you how you can get instant strength, instant range of motion and so much more.  This will be a course that will take you out of your comfort zone, teach you things that are ‘against’ popular knowledge and give you instant results. 


This course is not for everyone – PLEASE be aware!  We are going to push you to your limits and beyond - Mentally and physically!  The ONLY way kettlebells are meant to be used and handled, the ONLY way we want our AP-RKC instructors to be - Rock solid and tough.



The cost of this certification is $350 + tax.  APCC coaches $275 + tax.

This includes your Instructors manual and AP RKC certificate



1 day certification course

Warm up 

At any point throughout the day you may attempt physical testing.

Physical testing requirement:


50 snatches with 16 Kg KB – only one hand switch permitted


300 straight alternating swings with 16 Kg KB

3 min plank


50 snatches with 24 Kg KB – only one hand switch permitted


300 straight alternating swings with 24 Kg KB

3 min plank

Teaching and troubleshooting the squat. AM

Teaching and troubleshooting the swing AM

Teaching and troubleshooting the Turkish Get=Up AM

Teaching and troubleshooting the kettlebell clean AM


Teaching and troubleshooting the press PM

Teaching and troubleshooting the kettlebell snatch PM

Teaching testing requirement:

Safely and effectively teach the swing, squat, clean and TGU

Provide a workout for your client

“The KB workouts were instrumental in developing my raw power, speed and core strength.  I gained 30 lbs of muscle, increased my bench from my start of 130 lbs to 320 lbs, deadlift from 250 lbs to 460 lbs and squat from 200 lbs to 435 lbs.  I am thankful they have helped me achieve my goals!”

Cary Link - Competitive Powerlifter

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July 2020


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