At Acceleration Performance, we have dedicated ourselves to developing the most outstanding athletes, achieved the best results for our body composition/fatloss clients and provided the best atmosphere in getting the most out of our client – NO MATTER what the goal.  What makes us stand out?  How do we get the most potential out of our clients?  WE want to show you how!  Introducing the Acceleration Performance Coach – Certified ©.


With over 20 years of collective knowledge and experience, let us show you the most effective methods in building stronger clients, more ‘in-shape’ clients, ‘leaner’ clients, while providing a magnetic, motivating and fun atmosphere.  We can guarantee that our signature system of coaching is not available in any textbook or a university class.  It is only through countless hours of research and experience that we can teach you what works and what does NOT work on the average Joe, Jane or athlete!


Our APCC course will:


  • Expose the disadvantages of current training knowledge that is being taught.

  • How to effectively and efficiently design a program to build your clients strength or for sport performance.

  • The best design for fat loss programming.

  • Proper exercise progression and regressions

  • Corrective exercises and mobility techniques

  • Simple and highly effective methods for recruiting clients and retaining them for maximal income 

  • Postural assessment and movement patterns

  • Learn our warm up to get your client moving more efficiently and pain free

  • Proper coaching etiquette 

  • And so much more...


This is YOUR chance to be the best at what you do.  This is YOUR chance to expand your current training knowledge or reinvent your training style and programming.  Do NOT be like everyone else and be stuck in the system that has been proven to be ineffective and inefficient.  Be different.  Be better.  Be Acceleration Performance Coach Certified ©.


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The course will be broken up into 2 modules: 



2 day theory (classroom) and practical component. 

90 min written exam.  

We highly recommend having a STRONG understanding of human anatomy.  Also, certification candidates should have an extensive personal background in weight training.  





BY H. G. Q. Rowett (author)



BY Mark Rippetoe and Jason Kelly



BY Vladimir Zatsiorsky (author), William Kraemer (author)

The minimum exam score to certify as an APCC -75%

LOCAL COST (in Winnipeg) : $500 + gst early bird pricing.  $550 + gst teacher's edition.  $600 + gst (includes e-manual and APCC certification shirt)


In the event of a failed exam, there will be a re-test date scheduled ~30 days from the original test date.  A re-test fee will be charged at $100 + gst.  The re-test date is non-negotiable and only 1 re-test attempt will be offered for the course.  In the event of a failed re-test exam, the candidate must enroll for the entire APCC course at 50% of the original price.  



Evan Alexander, APCC, Owner Alexander Athletic Academy


The certification program at Acceleration Performance gave me the opportunity to understand the needs of being a Strength and Fat Loss Coach. Understanding program and overall fitness is one thing but at Acceleration Performance the knowledge learnt away from the books can’t be compared to any other certification program. You don’t only learn how to coach your clients but how to understand them personally and which practices will determine their best result. Being a Strength and Fat Loss Coach isn’t only about the book smarts, at Acceleration Performance they teach you how to best represent yourself and how to best represent your client. I highly recommend taking the APCC program.

Joe Shay, APCC, Owner Seagh Athletics System


As a young strength coach, I am always seeking out new information regarding athletic performance.  The Acceleration Performance personal training certification was recommended to me via a friend who has been a longstanding client of theirs for 8 years and has had nothing but great things to say about the staff and the facility at Acceleration Performance.  Taking the certification at AP has been very beneficial to both me and my clients.  Sherwin and Guy have opened my eyes to so much great information and their open, fun and welcoming atmosphere can be mirrored by no other gym in this city.  I would urge anyone that takes their job in the fitness industry seriously, to take this course as it has been one of the best decisions of my career.

Sofia Habity, APCC, Stregnth and Fat loss Coach


The AP certification course was an amazing opportunity to challenge myself as a fitness trainer.  It offered me an advanced look at functional strength training and gave me the tools and knowledge to improve on many different levels.  Online and offline communication was very smooth with Sherwin throughout the certification process, answering all questions the group had and also following up with each of us to review performance and answer our questions.  Sherwin also provided additional modules to supplement our Manual.  

The practical Part was an amazing opportunity to get hands on experience with clients which is very important and that many online courses simply neglect and don't require. 

 I am very happy I enrolled in a course that involves not only strength training but also give enough focus on the importance of functional training, nutrition and covers also the business side of training.  I am looking forward to take part of other Acceleration Performance courses.



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